Zorro (1957-59)

Guy Williams as Zorro

The bad guys in 1820’s California don’t have a chance against Don Diego de la Vega when he turns into the masked Zorro. He can carve a “Z” into anything with the best of them. Guy Williams is Zorro and Henry Calvin is the comic Sgt.Garcia. Don Diamond appeared in many episodes as Corp.Reyes.

Typical episodes: “Zorro Rides To The Mission” – Nacho Torres takes sanctuary in the San Gabriel mission after being rescued by Zorro. Torres has been branded a traitor by the King of Spain. Captain Monastario wants to get him out of there.

Inside the mission the Indians are picking oranges as the Captain and his men ride in. Along for the ride is Sgt.Garcia for comic relief. Also riding in, Don Diego and his mute servant Bernardo. The Captain won’t break the law of sanctuary and decides to use the Indians to build an unecessary road. They start moving heavy rocks from one side to the other in the useless labor.

Torres thinks about leaving the sanctuary but Padre Felipe convinces him to stay. The Captain decides to go into overdrive with cruel treatment of the Indians. He says it will continue until Torres agrees to come with him. Don Diego plays the church organ as a distraction allowing some Indians to escape. That doesn’t last long so now it’s a job for Zorro.

In he rides and chases the soldiers away and then engages in a whip fight with the Captain. Of couse Zorro drives him off. But…..it’s not over yet. Tune in next week for “The Ghost Of The Mission.”

“The Ghost Of The Mission” – Don Diego rides back to the mission to try again to get Torres out. Too late. The Captain along with Sgt.Garcia and the men also return. This time the Captain puts the mission under martial law. He says the Indians are massing for an attack. He has an Indian prisoner with him who he forced to say that.

Zorro is seen inside the church and has to make an escape. He has an idea where he’ll need Bernardo’s help. Don Diego rides back to the mission and tells Sgt.Garcia he has to deliver a parchment to Padre Filipe. He tells him it’s all about the ghost of the mad monk that haunts the mission. He wears a cowl and doesn’t have a face. He appears after ringing the bell at midnight.

At midnight, the bell rings. It’s actually Bernardo throwing rocks at the bell. Then the mad monk shows up moaning. The troops are frightened and ride off. The monk takes off into the mission building. He takes off the cowl. It’s Zorro. Meanwhile Bernardo starts firing arrows at Sgt.Garcia and starts playing drums.  Saying they’ll be massacred, the Sarge and his men ride off leaving the Captain by himself. Bernardo fires some arrows at him.

The arrows form a Z on the door next to the Captain. With all the soldiers gone, Torres is able to escape.

This was Guy William’s most famous role until he went into outer space as Professor John Robinson in “Lost In Space” (1965-68).

Don Diamond played Crazy Cat in “F Troop” (1965-67) and did the voice of Sgt.Gonzales in 1981’s “The New Adventures Of Zorro.”

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