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Black Magic (1944)

Sidney Toler is Charlie Chan in this entry about murder at a seance. Francis Chan is….Francis Chan. Mantan Moreland is also on hand. For Moreland’s fans he has a lot of scenes in this film. It’s a fun movie. Charlie is going … Continue reading

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Jazzin’ Straight Thru’ Paradise-Wilbur Sweatman’s Original Jazz Band

Twenty-five tracks from 1918-1920. Clarinetist Sweatman led a band that went from ragtime to Jazz. This is a definite must for Jazz historians an all those interested in the best of the early 20th century. Highlights include: “Oh! You La! … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope-Harry Turtledove

Thirteen stories from 1984,85,86,87,88,90. Favorites: “Crybaby” (1987) – A newborn is raising havoc. His father swears the baby has a smug look on his face everytime he interrupts some activity. It’s driving him crazy. “Hindsight” (1984 novelette) – A SF … Continue reading

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Laredo (1965-67)

Tough guy Neville Brand shows his comedy side in this very entertaining western about a group of Texas Rangers that get in and out of trouble. Also in the cast, Peter Brown, William Smith and Philip Carey. Typical episode: “Walk … Continue reading

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The Losers-David Eddings (1992)

Don’t let the cover mislead you. This is not a Fantasy. Eddings took a break from his different series to write a mainstream novel about people you pass on the street and either never notice or pretend not to. Raphael … Continue reading

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Edison Collection: Dancing The Devil Away-Vaughn DeLeath

She was called the first lady of radio. She’s considered to be the first woman to sing on the radio. Almost forgotten now this collection is a piece of early 20th century music history that features her stylish voice.. Her … Continue reading

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The Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari (1920)

Classic silent film about murder and a strange somnabulist. The sets are something to see. Just because it’s silent, don’t avoid it. This is a classic of the era. Francis tells what happened to him, his fiancee Jane and their … Continue reading

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Earthman,Go Home! (A Plague Of Masters)-Poul Anderson (Dominic Flandry Series) (1960)/To The Tombaugh Station-Wilson Tucker (1960)

Captain Sir Dominic Flandry is an intelligence officer in the Imperial Navy. Anderson wrote numerous novels and short stories about him. This is the second novel. He takes a side trip to the planet Unan Besar. Over the past three hundred … Continue reading

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Echoes Of A Songbird-50 Recordings From 1924-1930-Lee Morse 2 CD’s

Virtually forgotten early 20th century singer. She sang in almost every style and it was tough to pin her down into a specific catagory. Depending on your taste some of her stuff can make you skip some tracks but there’s … Continue reading

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The Errol Flynn Theatre (1956-57)

Anthology series hosted by Errol Flynn. It lasted twenty-six episodes. Typical episode – “Strange Auction” – The show is told via flashback. Teenager Shawn Bateman (Sean Flynn) returns to his mother’s farm in Ireland for the summer. He’s a total … Continue reading

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