New Scotland Yard (1972-74)

A  good British cop show that follows Scotland Yard cops as they capture the bad guys. Some light spots but no dumb humor. I don’t know if BBC America shows it or some other cable channel runs it. If they do, try a few episodes.

Typical episode: “A Man Of His Word” – Joe Warner gets out of jail after fifteen years. He was sentenced to twenty for armed robbery. He shot a teller and she lost an arm. While in prison his wife Polly moved in with someone else.

One day she asked her six year old son to go out and buy her new man some cigarettes. He gets killed in an accident. Joe blames Polly. He swore to kill her. Her new man is Henry Blaine. He’s a crook.

At Scotland Yard Detective Chief Superintendent Clay and Detective Sgt.Dexter are working on a drug case with French Inspector Luc Ravat. A courier from Paris is bringing over a shipment of heroin. Some of it is bound for New York. The man he’s delivering it to….Henry.

Joe goes back to his cheap bed sitter that Polly’s been paying for all the years he’s been gone. Doesn’t matter. He’s determined to find her and take his revenge. He drops by a local pub. The pub owner doesn’t want him around and calls a police inspector to let him know Joe’s back. Joe’s also looking for a gun.

Clay and Dexter are looking for him and drop by Henry’s flat to talk to Polly. That makes Henry nervous. Meanwhile since Joe couldn’t get a gun he bought a crossbow. He goes to his sister-in-laws place and through intimidation gets the address where Polly’s been living.

Clay and Dexter are on his trail and also have the drug case to deal with. Interesting resolution. Good show.

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