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The Little Country-Charles de Lint (1991)

I’ve had this buried with a stack of books for almost fifteen years. Everytime I picked it up I looked at the cover and put it back. Just shows you really can’t judge a book by its cover. This is an … Continue reading

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Little Amy-Failed TV Pilot (1962)

Wait a while and you’ll see Jack Nicholson deliver one line in this sickly sweet sitcom about a nine year old. Amy wants to marry her neighbor Arthur. His main priority is getting on the football team. She comes up with schemes … Continue reading

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Dinah Jams-Dinah Washington (1954)

Dinah surrounds herself with top Jazz musicians for a must have album for all music fans. Personnel: Clifford Brown, Maynard Ferguson, Clark Terry, Herb Geller, Harold Land, Richie Powell, Junior Mance, George Morrow, Keter Betts and Max Roach. Eleven great … Continue reading

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Law And Disorder (1958)

Highly enjoyable British comedy about a man who just can’t go straight and the Judge who keeps locking him up. Then he tries to retire…he tries. Percy Brand (Michael Redgrave) is a swindler who always gets caught. He always ends … Continue reading

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The Torch-June Valli (1955)

The voice of Chiquita Banana got her first break on the Arthur Godfery Show. This collection has twelve tracks that show off her style. If you’re not familiar with her this is a good place to get started. Highlights include: … Continue reading

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Even The Wicked-Richard Marston (Ed McBain) (1958)

In between the early 87th precinct novels, McBain dashed this quick mystery out. You can read it before the light changes. It is a good one about a man whose drowned wife may have been murdered. Zach Blake’s wife drowned … Continue reading

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Unchained Melody:The Best Of Al Hibbler

He was already a star with Duke Ellington when his solo career took off in the 50’s. One of the first blind singers to gain acceptance. Sixteen tracks that will have you convinced he was one of the best baritones of the … Continue reading

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Man About The House (1973-76)

British sitcom that’s the basis for “Three’s Company”. Chrissy and Jo decide to let Robin move in after he’s found sleeping in their bathtub following a wild party. It helps that he’s studying cooking. He thinks he may have a … Continue reading

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Secret Of The Sunless World-Carroll M. Capps (C.C.MacApp) (1969)

Good, entertaining story about a man with an alien disease that agrees to become a secret agent for an alien race that can cure him. He has to deal with a notorious space pirate and a world without a sun. … Continue reading

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Moon Over Harlem (1939)

Poorly written, poorly acted movie about outside gangsters running a protection racket in Harlem. A reformer wants to stop them while the local gangster want it all for himself. Minnie the widow marries Dollar Bill. He’s a gambler and a … Continue reading

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