Moon Over Harlem (1939)

Poorly written, poorly acted movie about outside gangsters running a protection racket in Harlem. A reformer wants to stop them while the local gangster want it all for himself.

Minnie the widow marries Dollar Bill. He’s a gambler and a womanizer but Minnie doesn’t know it. Jazz great Sidney Bechet appears in the opening sequence playing clarinet.

Minnie’s daughter Sue can’t stand Dollar. Her fiancee Bob doesn’t like him either. They get into a slugfest. Dollar goes into another room and gets a gun. Sue promises that she’ll never see him again so Dollar doesn’t kill him.

Dollar only married Minnie so he could get the insurance money from her first husband’s death. He likes to play the ponies. The outside mob isn’t too thrilled with him and wants to know whay their take has gone down.

Bob wants to rile up the shopkeepers so they won’t pay protection any longer. One night Dollar puts some serious moves on Sue. Minnie walks in and blames her daughter and throws her out. She goes to her girlfriend’s house to stay. She quits school and gets a job as a dancer in the club where her mother works as a maid.

As things move along Dollar is getting too ambitious and the mob comes calling. They want fifteen grand he owes them. He refuses and they start shooting. They hit Minnie. She’s a goner. Dollar tells everyone that there were two burglars in the house when they got home.

It’s obvious where it’s all going. As a Jazz fan I got a kick out of seeing Sidney Bechet but that’s it.

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