Man About The House (1973-76)

Paula Wilcox (Chrissy)-Richard O’Sullivan (Robin)-Sally Thomsett (Jo)

British sitcom that’s the basis for “Three’s Company”. Chrissy and Jo decide to let Robin move in after he’s found sleeping in their bathtub following a wild party. It helps that he’s studying cooking. He thinks he may have a chance with both girls but maybe he should think again. The Landlord George Roper and his oversexed wife Mildred don’t make it any easier. There were thirty-nine episodes in all.

“And Mother Makes Four” – The Ropers okay Robin staying there because the girls tell them he’s gay. Chrissy forgot that her mother is stopping by and tells Jo to get him out of there.

At the pub Chrissy comes over and fesses up. Robin says he’s not leaving for the night. That means he’ll have to sleep in a chair in the girl’s room. At the bar is Mildred Roper. She finds out Robin is straight. It doesn’t bother her as she has some thoughts of her own.

That night there’s a loose window and Robin in sent out to close it. Mother has woken up and is headed for the living room. Predictable finish.

“The Sunshine Boys” – Chrissy, Jo and Robin are going on vacation. Upstairs neighbor Larry talks himself into joining them. He says four people can get cheaper rates than three. Robin is conserned that he’s so pale and would look ridiculous on the beach.

Downstairs George is saving up for something. He needs money since Mildred takes it all. He brings Larry in and tries to sell him something. Larry buys a sun lamp and takes it upstairs. Mildred drops in and gets turned by Robin while the girls could care less. Jo says he should have two sun lamps. That way he could tan on both sides at once. Mildred remembers she has one and says she’ll get it.

Mildred asks George if he’s seen it. He says no. Then it hits her. There’s one upstairs. Did Robin steal it? George fumbles around and agrees to get it back. He confronts Larry with some lame excuse to impress Mildred. He eventually gets the lamp back.

While they’re out, Robin goes into their place and takes the lamp back. He’s really happy when Chrissy and Jo don bikinis for some sunbathing. Mildred comes in and takes the lamp back. The ending with George and Mildred is funny.

If you liked “Three’s Company”, check this out. You may like it better. It’s like the line from the song, “The In Crowd”, “The original is still the greatest.” Not that this is a great show but it is better than its imitation.


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