Secret Of The Sunless World-Carroll M. Capps (C.C.MacApp) (1969)

Good, entertaining story about a man with an alien disease that agrees to become a secret agent for an alien race that can cure him. He has to deal with a notorious space pirate and a world without a sun.

Colonel Vince Cullow has an alien disease that will eventually lead to blindness and a hardening of his internal organs. The alien Nesse can cure him but he must first work his way into an criminal organziation run by Zarpi and then rescue the kidnapped archaeologist Akorra. There’s an artifact the Nesse want uncovered but they don’t tell Vince what it is. If he’s successful Earth will get an FTL drive.

He’s taken to the sunless world of Shann by the space pirate Gondal of the squid like Onsian. Shann is occupied by the Vred who have a huge treasury. The planet is also used by outlaws and pirates to stash their loot.

Vince is operated on by an alien surgeon. After the operation he finds out Gondal forced the surgeon to make sure Vince will be dependent on Gondal for injections to keep his sight. The operation made it possible for Vince to see in the dark. Gondal has plans for him.

Vince goes on a spying mission. He’s not only spying on Zarpi but Gondal as well. He’s captured by the natives of Shann. Earlier he saved the life of a native nicknamed Geegee and that’s who has him now. Gondal is also there.

To add to everyone’s trouble another alien race, the Chullwei are invading Shann. Vince and his alien allies go into a hollowed out mountain and discover a long abandoned starship. It was left by the now disappeared humanoid like Lenji race. Into the area come Zarpi and his men along with Akorra.

Zapri is held off in a battle made easier by Vince’s enhanced eyesight. Vince along with Gondal, Akorra and Geegee get on the starship and take off. Gondal informs Vince that the injections he needs have been left back on Shann. The ship is headed for Wolami….wherever that is.

The book packs in a lot of story. Once you get the different aliens straight it’s a lot of fun.


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