Little Amy-Failed TV Pilot (1962)

Wait a while and you’ll see Jack Nicholson deliver one line in this sickly sweet sitcom about a nine year old. Amy wants to marry her neighbor Arthur. His main priority is getting on the football team. She comes up with schemes to try and get him to succeed so he’ll have more time for her.

Bill Martin is the coach at Elm Grove High. He expects to lose the big game to Jefferson High by a wide margin. Arthur is a bench warming quarterback.

There’s going to be a dance at the country club after the game and the Martins have been invited. Helen Martin doesn’t want to go since her fox fur is ratty and she doesn’t want to show up in a cloth coat. She says the fox gives her confidence.

The quarterback has a fox tail on the aerial of his car. Amy thinks that gives him confidence so she wants to get one for Arthur. As a surprise, Bill gets Helen a new fox jacket and hangs it in the closet without telling her.

Amy thinks it’s the old one and cuts a tail out of it and gives to Arthur. Riding home from practice Bill notices the fox tail and how much it resembles the jacket he just bought. Arthur tells him he got it from Amy.

Amy’s best friend Rosalie says she’s the one who cut it out. Helen says the furrier can sew it back together. Of course Amy confesses a bit later that she did it. Next problem: Bill finds out through his assistant (Doodles Weaver) that the first string quarterback broke curfew again and now Bill is forced to start Arthur.

Amy asks Bill how he got confidence when he played football. He shows her his old jersey that he has behind glass. He says all he had to do was put it on and that gave him all the confidence he needed. He doesn’t show any while being interviewed by a reporter (Jack Albertson). He says he expects to lose the game.

In the lockerroom he notices Arthur is wearing his old Jersey. Arthur is playing a great game. The opposing coach (Jack Nicholson) looks worried. He should be. Elm Grove shuts them out.

Before leaving for the dance Helen has her cloth coat on. The furrier couldn’t finish hers on time. But wait, this is sitcomland. Arthur’s grandmother is babysitting Amy and comes over. She’s got the jacket all sown up.

Overall this was bland, predictable and destined to fail. It was fun to see Jack Nicholson even for a few seconds.

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