Plymouth News Caravan/ Camel News Caravan (1948-56)

John Cameron Swayze

Fifteen minute newscast anchored by John Cameron Swayze. Eventually Camel and Plymouth sponsored on alternate days. One of their correspondants was David Brinkley. The program was replaced by “The Huntley-Brinkley Report.” Trivia note: Huntley-Brinkley was the first time I ever saw The Beatles. It was a kicker story at the end about the coming invasion of the mop tops. I always liked watching these old news summaries.

On the April 18,1955 edition the top story was the death Of Albert Einstein in Princeton at age seventy-six. They showed a clip of him from five years earlier saying atomic bombs are a menace.

There was a report from David Brinkley about Harry Truman testifying before a Senate sub-committe about changing the UN charter.. Next up another Brinkley report. This one about the desegregation of schools in St.Louis.

The newscast closes with a story about an upcoming A-Bomb test. Swayze said he’d be there next week to report on it. Also heading out were observers from Camp Irwin.

The April 20, 1955 newscasts top story was the sudden departure to Formosa of a U.S. miltary team to meet with Chiang Kai-shek. It’s reported by David Brinkley.

Next Brinkley reports on Operation Minuteman. It’s the first time in peacetime history that all 350-thousand Army and Air National Guardman have been called up for a test alert.

Swayze is back with some quick headlines including Ike’s new foreign aid bill with the bulk of the money going to  Nationalist China and Korea.

Now a report on a strike at the Sperry plant in Lake Success, New York. It’s the third day and things are turning ugly. Local 450 of the electrical workers of the CIO are massed in front of the plant as some workers tried to cross the picketline. One person died of a heart attack.

More headlines including a new budget being presented to Parliment in London and Ike back from a golfing vacation.

Roy Neal reports on the end of a long lawsuit brought by Samuel Goldwyn against Mary Pickford and husband Buddy Rogers. Goldwyn will pay them over a million dollars for control of United Artists Studios.

More headlines and a couple baseball scores close out this edition. One headline was a house passed bill making its way to the Senate giving postal workers an 8 and 2/10% payhike. That’s more than Ike wanted.


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