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Doctor In The House (1969-70)

The show follows a group of medical students as they run after nurses and frustrate their professor. Barry Evans is Michael Upton, Robin Nedwell is Duncan Waring, Geoffrey Davies is Dick Stuart-Clark, George Layton is Paul Collins and Ernest Clark … Continue reading

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1955-Dutch Swing College Band

Twenty-three tracks from the group that started in The Netherlands in 1945. It’s obvious the band loves the music as their enthusiasm comes through loud and clear. If you like Dixie/Trad and are looking for artists you may be unfamiliar with check … Continue reading

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Tales By Moonlight II-Edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Thirty-six stories from 1726,1831,1920,50,73,77,79,80,81,83,84,85,86,87,88,89. Most of the stories are from the small horror magazines. Favorites: “The Area” (1986) – Stefan Grabinski – A famous horror writer has suddenly stopped writing and then disappeared. “Mr.Templeton’s Toyshop” (1986) – Thomas Wiloch – A … Continue reading

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Unidentified Flying Objects:The True Story Of Flying Saucers! (1956)

A fun to watch Documentary loaded with recreations and interviews with people who saw and photographed UFO’s. The movie includes two films taken of UFO’s in Utah and Montana. It has a soundtrack from Ernst Gold. Most of the narration is … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock-Killers At Large

One of the best of the Dell Hitchcock series featuring fourteen stories from 1962,63,64,65,66,68,69,74,75. Favorites: “Loaded Guns Are Dangerous” (1965) – Richard O. Lewis – A coin collector knows the men at the door are there to rob him. His wife … Continue reading

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Timeless-Mark Murphy

This compilation is a great introduction to one of the best of the pure Jazz singers. Twelve tracks that will make you a fan of a stylist that’s been recording for over fifty years. Highlights include: “Stolen Moments”, “Parker’s Mood” … Continue reading

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Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre (1956-61)

Western anthology series that featured a number of stories by Zane Grey mixed in with originals for the series. Dick Powell hosted and starred in numerous episodes. Typical episode: “You Only Run Once” w/Robert Ryan and Cloris Leachman along with … Continue reading

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She Shall Have Music-Jack Hylton

Twenty-four tracks from one of Britain’s top band leaders. The tracks range from 1925 to 1939. This album collects some of his best swing sides. There are also a lot of Hylton vocals. Highlights include: “Me And Jane In A Plane”, … Continue reading

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Worlds Without End-Clifford D. Simak (1955,56)

Three stories from 1955,56. All three are good. Worlds Without End” (1956 novella) – Norman Baine works for Dreams. People can have themselves suspended for as long as they want. They can ask for any dream they want to experience. … Continue reading

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Man In The Attic (1953)

Dull adaption of the Marie Belloc Lowndes novel “The Lodger.” Jack Palance is miscast as the is he or isn’t he Jack The Ripper. The dialogue he’s given is totally unbelievable coming from him. I thought it may be good … Continue reading

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