Mister Ed (1958-66)


The movies had Francis The Talking Mule so it stands to reason TV would have a talking horse. Alan Young is Wilbur Post and Connie Hines is his wife Carol. Their next door neighbors are Roger Addison played by Larry Keating and Edna Skinner is his wife Kay. The voice of Ed is Western star Allan “Rocky” Lane. The show won the 1963 Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

Opening episode: “First Meeting” – Wilbur is an architectect. He and his wife Carol move into a house they bought from next door neighbor Roger Addison. The house had renters but they moved on. While inspecting the grounds Wilbur and Carol go into the barn along with Roger. Whaddya know, there’s a horse.

Roger says his renters, the Oldfields, left it behind because they couldn’t afford it.. Carol says they can’t afford it either and wants to sell it. Alone with the horse Wilbur notices some strange things. He complains it’s stuffy and the horse pushes the window open. Later he winks at him. A man comes in and buys the horse for fifty dollars.

The horse pretends to be sick and lame and the man demands his money back. Carol runs off to call the SPCA. Wilbur starts thinking out loud about how as a kid he always wanted a pony and says that was a long time ago. A voice behind him says, “It’s been a long time since I was a pony.”

After a few words Wilbur finds out the horse only talks to him because he likes him. Then he runs into the house and tells the SPCA never mind. He tells Carol the horse talks. That doesn’t go over. Later she comes back from the market and says how everyone is talking about this Post couple who say they have a talking horse. Wilbur goes next door and tells Roger the horse talks. Roger guides him out of the house.

Back in the barn the horse finally says his name is Ed. To try and prove Ed talks Wilbur brings in a tape recorder. Ed reminds him that no one will believe the other voice on the tape is a horse. Then he tells Wilbur how to resolve everything.

“Typical episode” – Ed,The Matchmaker – One of the dumber episodes. Ed is spying on the new neighbors, The Harpers. Their teenage daughter Emmy Lou isn’t going steady and thinks a hair from Ed’s tail may be part of the love potion she needs.

Arthur is the new delivery boy from the grocery store. Emmy Lou thinks he’d be perfect. Arthur is always eating apples and talking with his mouth full. Only Emmy Lou can understand him.

Emmy Lou tries to get his attention. He’s more interested in an actress on TV in an ad for her latest movie. Emmy Lou convinces her mother to call for a third delivery of groceries. This time she dresses as the actress and Arthur agrees to a date.

Things go wrong when Arthur gets a flat tire and calls off the date. Emmy Lou auctions off some of her possessions to her girlfriends because her father won’t give Arthur a tire. Neither will Wilbur since he doesn’t want to go against her father’s wishes. Ed isn’t happy.The auction raises the money for the tire. Now his battery is dead. Leave it to Ed to figure it all out.

George O’Hanlon plays Mr.Harper. He’s better known as the voice of George Jetson.

Jeff O’Donnell plays Mrs.Harper. She appeared in many TV episodes and was a regular on “The George Gobel Show” playing his wife Alice (1954-58).

Connie Hines-Ed-Alan Young

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