Kiss Of Death (1947)

In the top tier of classic noir films. Not to be missed. Richard Widmark was nominated as Best Supporting Actor as the psycho hood Tommy Udo. Edmund Gwenn won for “Miracle On 34th Street.” Widmark did win the Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer-Male. Eleazar Lipsky was nominated for Best Writing, Original Story. The winner was Valentine Davies for “Miracle On 34th Street.” Karl Malden has a bit part as hard nosed cop Sgt.William Cullen.

Nick Bianco (Victor Mature) is an ex con with a wife and two kids. He can’t find a job and reverts to his old ways. He and three pals hold up a jewelry store. It’s on the 23rd floor and the only way out is the elevator. He’s caught but his pals get away. He’s not talking.

Assistant D.A. Louis D’Angelo (Brian Donlevy) offers him a deal. He turns it down and it’s off to Sing Sing. On the train up he meets psycho hood Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark). After three years his letters to his wife are coming back. He finds out she commited suicide and his kids are in an orphanage.

His babysitter Nettie (Coleen Gray) comes to see him and tells him how one of his gang, Pete Rizzo, was paying too much attention to his wife and she fought with Nettie about it and started drinking. He decides to cooperate with D’Angelo.

So as not to get his pals or his sleazy lawyer, Earl Howser (Taylor Homes) suspicious, an old charge is brought up as a cover. Howser sends Tommy after Rizzo. This leads to one of the classic noir scenes of all time.

Nick is paroled. He follows through on a deal with D’Angelo. He marries Nettie, gets his kids back, finds a job and uses a new name. Everything’s fine. Sure it is.

Don’t miss this classic. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, see it again.

Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo

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