Alfred Hitchcock’s Coffin Corner

Fourteen stories from 1957,58,60,64,66,67.

Favorites: “Sudden,Sudden Death” (1957 novelette) – Talmadge Powell – While on a sales trip Steve Griffin gets a call from his wife Maureen. She says someone is trying to kill her. There have been two attempts. When he gets home she’s not there. She’s in the morgue. It’s an interesting investigation by the police and Steve.

“Joshua” (1964) – William Brittain – Mitch and Eddie rob a bank of fifty grand and escape into the country. They run into an Indian named Joshua Red Wing. He speaks with an Irish accent. He carries their suitcase to a canoe. It opens and Joshua takes off after seeing all that money. Mitch and Eddie try and chase him down.

“Thieves’ Honor” (1966) – John Lutz – A burglar is stealing furs from the bedroom of a mansion where a party is being held. One of the guests catches him. They make a deal.

“The Final Chapter” (1966) – Richard O. Lewis – A newspaper reporter wants to write The Great American Novel. He doesn’t have an idea where to start. Then he decides to use the case of an innocent man sent to the gas chamber. As part of his research he arranges to get placed on death row to get the feel of the man’s last days.

Other authors: Richard Hardwick, H.A.DeRusso, Donald Honig, Arthur Porges, August Derleth, Mary Linn Roby, Hal Ellson, Frank Sisk, John Arre and Richard Deming.


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