The Bill (1984-2010)

Excellent long running British cop show that should be seen in the U.S. I don’t know if any cable channels have shown it over the years but someone should run it. It follows the day to day experiences of an inner London police station.

Typical episode: “On The Money” – Sgt.Stone and P.C.Taylor check out the report of a burglary. A suspect is arrested shortly after he does another break in at the same flat. He’s Connor Deegan. He and his sister are living in a squat ever since they arrived from Northern Ireland. He readily admits to the burglary.

Back at the squat Stone and Taylor discover his sister Ruby out cold on the floor. Someone really worked her over. While she’s in hospital they check out pawn shops. One owner they’re suspicious of says he never, ever takes in stolen goods.

Ruby wakes up and says she doesn’t know who attacked her. She’s a heroin addict. Suspicion falls on drug dealer Darren Bailey. The cops convince Connor to take part in a sting to catch Bailey.

They have him call Bailey to tell him he wants three hundred pounds worth of drugs. The cops cover the area as Bailey meets Connor. He takes the money and says he’ll be back with the drugs. The cops follow him to his flat. They raid it. No money. No drugs. No arrest.

Where’s the money Connor gave him?  Did he ditch it between the site of the meet and his flat? P.C.Taylor gave Connor the money for the buy and was following Bailey. Did he steal it when Bailey ditched it?

“Solace” – One of the best episodes you’ll see of any TV show. Dominic Power as PC Taylor is absolutely excellent.  PC Kirsty Knight and PC Leon Taylor are flagged down by some kids. They found a body in a pile of junk. The body is identified as Luisa Diaz of Venezula. She was drowned.

She was living with her boyfriend Dominic Fisher and their son Paulo. When they get to the flat the place is a mess and no one’s there. There’s evidence that he tried to make a living through online gambling. There’s every indication she was drowned in the bathtub.

Taylor spots a man looking through the window and chases him but doesn’t catch him. While going through some trash a card for a hostel is discovered. When Taylor and Kirsty get there the man is spotted again. This time they catch him.

He’s Roberto Diaz, Luisa’s brother. He says Luisa told him she was leaving Dominic and was going to tell him. She didn’t want him there but he said he’d be nearby. Now the effort is on to find Dominic and Paulo.

D.I.Neil Manson gets a phone number and calls Dominic. Meanwhile Taylor and Kirsty are at a nursing home trying to get some information from Dominic’s grandmother.

This is quite an episode. Portions of the storyline were contiued the next week.


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