Carry On Laughing (1975)

The gang from the popular “Carry On” movie series in thirteen episodes with historical themes. Corny, slapstick, ridiculous and that’s exactly what their audience wanted. A lot of funny moments. If you want some laughs just for the fun of it check this show out.

Opening epsisode: “The Prisoner Of Spenda” – Plurotania is about to have a coronation as the crown prince is getting married. One problem…he’s missing. He’s being held in the dungeon by the evil Duke Boris. Along with him are his six doubles.

Coming into the country from England are Arnold (Sid James) and Vera Basket (Barbara Windsor). They’re on their honeymoon. While in the tea room, Arnold is spotted as a double for Prince Rupert.

The Prime Minister wants Arnold to sub for the Prince. The plan is to have the real Prince ride off while Arnold stays in the castle so everyone will think he’s Prince Rupert.

It all leads to some slapstick as Arnold tries to learn how to swordfight and instead wrecks everything in sight. Then the real Rupert shows up while Arnold is in the bathroom. Vera is waiting in the bedroom.

It’s a fun episode. Don’t think. Just enjoy it.

Typical episode: “One In The Eye For Harold” – It’s 1066 and it’s the Saxons versus the Normans. King Harold sends Ethelred (Jack Douglas) to get a secret weapon from a monk, Athelstan (Kenneth Connor).

William The Conquerer sends a secret agent after them. No matter what the agent does, nothing goes right. When that doesn’t work William sends out a woman to seduce the two. She’s a hag and that leads to some funny scenes.

They escape her and go to an Inn. Ethelred gets involved with a hot serving girl while Althestan is getting a rush from another Norman agent. She gets him to bring out a jar he says is an ointment that makes people invisible. He pretends to pass out from too much booze and she takes off with the jar.

He was faking and it was actually an explosive he calls bird powder. So much for her. The two make their way to King Harold who is watching a battle. They open the chest with the secret weapon. It’s a see through helmet.

The prophecy is that Harold will die after getting an arrow in the eye. The helmet will prevent that. Then…something goes wrong.

Not the funniest episode but it does have its moments.


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