The Second Book Of Fritz Leiber

Five stories from 1950,54,61. and seven essays from 1948,61,63,74.

Favorites: “The Lion And The Lamb” (1950 novelette) – The Confederacy sends out an FTL ship to find some runaways from Earth that took a ship many years ago. The ship lands on a planet and finds the descendants of the original crew are now savages who want nothing to do with machines. They have some special powers of their own.

“Fafhrd And Me” (1963) – An essay explaining the origins of the characters Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and how the big hero is based on himself.

“The Mechanical Bride” (1954) – If you order a robotic woman don’t have her designed by your ex-girlfriend.

“Through Hyperspace With Brown Jenkin” (1963) – For fans of H.P.Lovecraft, Leiber discusses his contributions to SF.


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