Inspector Alan Banks Series-Peter Robinson (1987-)

Banks lives in Eastvale, England with his wife and two kids. One interesting thing about the series is that Banks’ musical tastes change with each book. He’s a top notch investigator and likes living away from London. The books follow his life and it’s best to read them in order.

The first is “Gallows Road” (1987). The latest novel is 2010’s “Bad Boy.” This is eighth in the series. It’s U.K. title is “Dry Bones That Dream” and was published in 1995.

This series never disappoints and this is another high quality entry. Accountant Keith Rothwell has his head blown off with a shotgun in a barn. His wife and daughter are tied up in the house and watched him being taken out.

Inspector Banks investigation leads him to a classical musician who recognized Rothwell’s picture. She tells him his name is Robert Calvert. That puts Banks on a whole new trail. It also gives him difficult feelings as he’s attracted to her.

Also investigating the case is Susan Gay and her boss Sgt.Hatchley. He likes to decorate his space with pinups. She’s not happy but has to put up with it. Their part of the case revolves around some paper wadding from the shotgun that killed Rothwell. It’s from a porn magazine. Visiting the porn district makes her uncomfortable but Hatchley’s in his element.

Also involved is sleazy lawyer Daniel Clegg. He’s a tax attorney who had dealings with the dictator of St.Corona in the Caribbean. It looks like Clegg’s absconded with a lot of money.

This is an excellent police procedural. Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning of the series since there are character developments along the way that add to the enjoyment.

Peter Robinson


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