The Gates Of Eden-Brian Stableford (1983)

Stableford uses his background as a biologist as an Earth like planet is explored. A landing party was killed and a biologist has to find out what happened.

It’s 2444. Spaceships have been sent out to establish beacons so other ships have someplace to head for. Three hundred-fifty years ago the FTL ship Ariadne with colonists aboard in suspended animation was launched. A party landed on the earthlike planet they named Naxos   Something killed off the landing party and now it’s Dr.Lee Caretta’s job to find out what happened.

Capsules from the ship Earth Spirit land on the planet. Caretta’s lands in a swamp. He thinks it was on purpose. While political problems break out on board the ship, Caretta and biotechnician Angelina Hesse have their hands full with the swamp’s lifeforms. It appears they have intelligence.

Most of his life Caretta has been subjected to blackouts and nightmares.  After a blackout he finds that he and Aneglina have become separated. Now he surrounded by aliens. After a violent confrontation he knows he has to figure out their biology and how much of a threat they pose.

The political content is kept to a minimum and Caretta’s experience with the aliens and what they’re really all about makes for a good read.

Brian Stableford



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