The Invaders-Keith Laumer (1967) aka/The Meteor Men by Anthony LeBaron) (1968)

Different from the short lived series and not a very good presentation. Laumer changes David Vincent from an architect to a consulting engineer. That’s just one of the changes from the show He works for a General and is visiting factories across the country that are making parts for companies with only post office boxes for an address.

At one plant he draws a sketch of the parts he has so far. A security guard named Dorn tears it up. David leaves but suspicion makes him return. Before he gets there he sees an accident scene. It’s the wrecked limo of the head of the plant who was very cooperative. The man’s dead.

David sneaks into the place and copies some drawings he finds in a file cabinet. He has to hide when Dorn comes in. Someone is with him and they communicate with buzzing sounds. David escapes after finding out for sure that Dorn is an alien. He goes to a friend who may understand the drawings and just what all the parts together will turn out to be. It’s a futuristic device known as a disintegrator or eruptor.

They call the FBI. Four agents arrive. They’re attacked by a helicopter. The agents are killed and David’s friend is tossed out of the chopper. Dorn tries to find out what he knows. Escaping from there the alien station is destroyed thanks to a defective weapon..

His next stop is a meeting of the lunatic fringe to talk about UFO’s. He meets a man named Thrall who also believes the Invaders are there. David now feels he has an ally and is no longer alone. He goes to Thrall’s house.  At this point things really get dumb. Dorn shows up and promises to make David a superman if he cooperates. David gets out of that one.

The aliens have a three month plan. A large meteor is headed for Earth hidden in a meteor shower. The powers that be don’t take David seriously. Might as well steal an army tank and take matters into your own hands.

There were only two more paperbacks loosely based on the show. If the show were like the books I never would have watched it. It ran from 1967-68 and went off the air without an ending.

Keith Laumer

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