Lucky Ghost (Lady Luck) (1942)

Funny movie about how a couple of down and outers wind up in a combination casino and sanitarium.

Washington Delaware Jones (Mantan Moreland) and Jefferson (F.E.Miller) are walking in the hot sun out of town. They spot a stalled car with two stylish men in the back and a chauffeur in the front. They’re out of gas. They tell the chauffeur to go get forty gallons and push it back.

While he’s gone Washington brings out some dice to get their attention. Luck is with them as Washington and Jefferson end up with their clothes, car and chauffeur. He drives them to a sanitarium that’s a front for a casino.

The host, Dr.Blake, pays protection money. He’s also jealous of anyone who pays attention to his hostess girlfriend. Washington and Jefferson are loaded with money and start having the time of their lives.

Washington eventually gets into a crap game and ends up winning the business from Blake. Also on the grounds is a graveyard with Blake’s family. Five ghosts can’t stand the noise any more and come back to put a stop to it. Uncle Ezra goes into the casino to check it out.

He reports to the others that his nephew lost the business. It’s still noisy and all of them go back in. Even though they’re invisible they make their presence known.

Obviously this isn’t a classic but it does have some laughs and a good performance from Moreland. There’s also some good music.

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