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Sailors Three (1940)

Wacky British WWII comedy about three sailors who take over a German battleship. The movie starts with a song to set the tone as British sailors are boarding the HMS Ferocious. Their mission is to sink the German battleship Ludendorf. … Continue reading

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State V. Justice-Gallatin Warfield (1992)

First of three books about Maryland Prosecutor Gardner Lawson. If you like courtroom fireworks as two enemies faceoff you’ll like this one. Good all the way through. The six year old son of a Russian diplomat is killed in the … Continue reading

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Jook Joint Blues:That’s What They Want 4 CD Box Set

One hundred and twelve tracks of grit and rowdy blues from 1943-1956 that paved the way for Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is raw stuff for those that want to hear something other than the polish of the major labels of the … Continue reading

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The New Avengers (1976-77)

You can’t go home again. The series was good with Honor Blackman, great with Diana Rigg and just okay with Linda Thorson. This revival featured a good cast but the legacy was too much to live up to. Patrick MacNee … Continue reading

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The Best Of Charlie Patton

Twenty-three tracks from a real legend of the 20’s and 30’s. For some his voice will take getting used to but it’s worth the ride. Highlights include: “High Sheriff Blues”, “A Spoonful Blues”, “Jersey Bull Blues” and “I Shall Not … Continue reading

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The Invaders-Keith Laumer (1967) aka/The Meteor Men by Anthony LeBaron) (1968)

Different from the short lived series and not a very good presentation. Laumer changes David Vincent from an architect to a consulting engineer. That’s just one of the changes from the show He works for a General and is visiting factories … Continue reading

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They Drive By Night (1938)

Excellent British crime movie about an ex con on the run for a murder he didn’t commit. Don’t miss this one. Note: The title’s the same but that’s the only similarity between this and the 1940 movie with Humphrey Bogart … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Fiery Fingers-Erle Stanley Gardner (1951)

Perry gets suckered into a plan by a nurse who’s afraid her patient may be murdered. Then he gets mad and defends her on a petty larceny charge. Just another day at the office. Nellie Conway tells Perry she has … Continue reading

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Golden Classics-Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra

Twenty-five 1940’s tracks that lets you put those dance lessons to the test. Try out those mambo, rhumba and samba steps with this collection. Highlights include: “Tico-Tico”, “Chiquita Banana (The Banana Song)”, “Mambo No.5” and “Walter Winchell Rhumba.”

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Hogan’s Heroes (1965-71)

A great cast rises above some stupid material in this series based on 1953’s “Stalag 17.” Werner Klemperer won two emmys as the clueless Col.Wilhelm Klink. Bob Crane is Col.Robert Hogan. The other players are John Banner as Sgt.”I know nothing” … Continue reading

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