Bachelor Father (1957-1962)

Bentley Gregg takes care of his niece Kelly. He’s helped out by his houseboy Peter. Gregg is a lawyer and has never been married. Raising a teenager isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to have a romantic life of your own. The series had some fun moments and Forsythe has always been a top pro…even before he ran “Charlie’s Angels” (1976-81).

Typical episodes: “Bentley And The Revolving Housekeepers” w/Barbara Eden and Florida Friebus: Thinking Kelly needs some female supervision he hires a housekeeper. Kelly and Peter aren’t happy.

First up is Mrs.Barker (Florida Friebus). Kelly and Peter rent a bunch of animals from dogs and birds to a goat. Mrs.Barker turns right around and leaves. That doesn’t stop Bentley from bringing in Mrs.Farrell (Edith Evanson).

Peter comes into the room carrying two suitcases. Bentley acts like he could care less and of course Peter stays. Mrs.Farrell gets Kelly to eat spinach by making Peter eat things he hates as an example for Kelly. Then Bentley is having a date over to the house. She’s Patricia “Patty” Robbins (Barbara Eden).

Turns out Mrs.Farrell knew her when she was nine and the two reminisce and Bentley, totally ignored, falls asleep in a chair.  Next night is poker night with the boys. Mrs.Farrell doesn’t approve of gambling and they end up playing for matchsticks while sipping lemonade. Mrs.Farrell stays with them.

Can Bentley ever get rid of her without hurting her feelings? This is a real lame episode but it’s always nice to see Barbara Eden.

A year after this episode Florida Friebus became a TV favorite as the mother of Dobie Gillis in “The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis” (1959-63).

Final episode: “Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight” w/Jane Withers – Kelly is in college. She moves into an off campus apartment with her friends Ginger (Bernadette Withers) and Corrine (Maggie Pierce). As soon as Bentley drops her off three frat boys from next door introduce themselves.

Inside Bentley is told the apartment house is run by a strict landlady Miss Sharkey (Jane Withers). She has a lot of rules including a nine o’clock curfew where boys have to be out of the house.

Bentley is getting back into the life of a bachelor and has a date with Daphne. Two boys come to his house and say Kelly forgot her alarm clock. They leave and Bentley starts to get worried. He and Daphne drive to the apartment house and Bentley goes inside with a blanket. Then Peter shows up with chicken soup.

One of the boys, Carl (Norman Grabowski) took Miss Sharkey to the movies thinking he could keep her away past none. It didn’t work. She comes back and everyone has to leave.

Corrine is engaged to Eric. He’s in pre-med and works part time at a gas station. Kelly suggests Corrine drop out of school and go to work to help support them. She can continue school another way. The plan is for Corrine and Eric to take over the apartment and Kelly and Ginger will move back home. Miss Sharkey says no way will she rent to a boy.

Kelly’s date Joby tells Bentley his plan to make it happen. This is a dumb episode and proves the series ran out of steam and it was time to go into rerun land.

Jane Withers was famous as a child star playing a brat and then Josephine the Plumber in a series of TV commercials for Comet cleanser. Her niece Bernadette played Ginger in the epsiode.

Maggie Pierce played Barbara Crabtree in “My Mother The Car” (1965-66).

Until 1965 Noreen Corcoran did some one episode appearances in a number of TV series but never made any real impact.

Sammee Tong made several movies and did one other TV series, the short lived “Mickey” where he played Sammy Ling in 1964.

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