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The Buster Keaton Show (1950)

A sketch show broadcast in the Los Angeles area and sponsored by Studebaker. Buster recreated a lot of his classic material in this live show. It can get tiring watching him work so hard. You can’t help but admire him. … Continue reading

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Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast-Julie London (1967)

Ten tracks that make you wish she did stay for breakfast and maybe lunch and dinner too. There’s one track that may make you wish she wouldn’t stay for breakfast..or anything else. That is for some unknown reason, “The Mickey … Continue reading

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Whisper From The Stars-Jeff Sutton (1970)

It’s 2230. The government wants to eliminate a scientist because of his theories. He thinks unseen universes exist in the past, present and future. The key to them all is through the mind. This is a combination thriller/SF novel that … Continue reading

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Brighton Rock (1947)

Terrific British noir movie with Richard Attenborough as small time gangster Pinkie Brown. If by chance you’ve never seen it you’re in for a good time. A newspaper reporter is coming to Brighton to hide some cards in the area. … Continue reading

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Dennis The Menace (1959-63)

Hank Ketchum’s cartoon comes to life with Jay North playing Dennis Mitchell. Herbert Anderson is his father Henry and Gloria Henry is his mother Alice. Joseph Kearns is their suffering neighbor George Wilson. Sylvia Field is his wife Martha. Billy Booth is … Continue reading

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The Best Of Julius LaRosa

He was famous for being fired by Arthur Godfrey but that didn’t slow his career down. Seventeen tracks from a middle of the road singer that gave adults someone to listen to while their kids weer blasting that new stuff called … Continue reading

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Dig A Dead Doll-G.G.Fickling (Skip and Gloria Fickling) (1960) (Honey West Series)

Seventh book in the eleven book series that started with “This Girl For Hire “(1957). The last published book is “Honey On Her Tail” (1971).” A TV series starring Anne Francis aired 1965-66. Honey is Marilyn Monroe with a gun. She … Continue reading

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