Ramar Of The Jungle (1952-54)

Dr.Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall) returns to the jungle to help the natives and get rid of evil hunters and other bad guys. He’s helped out by Prof. Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery). Always hanging around is Babbet the monkey.

In season two, everyone goes from Africa to India.

Some familar faces pop up now and then. In,”Savage Challenge”, our heroes go to Kangaland. An evil witch doctor runs the tribe while the chief is ill. Doc Reynolds gets ready to cure him with penicillin, Before it can do anything, the witch doctor grabs Reynolds and is ready to burn him at the stake. The episode features veteran actress Juanita Moore, James Edwards, who made a huge impression in 1949 for his role in,”Home Of The Brave” and Nick Stewart, known for his role as “Lightnin’ in the “Amos ‘N Andy” TV show (1951-53).

In,”Savage Fury,” two cast members from “Amos ‘N Andy” were featured. Stewart and Johnny Lee who played Algonquin J. Calhoun the lawyer. He was also famous as the voice of ” Br’er Rabbit” in Disney’s,”Song Of The South” in 1946.

If anyone asks for an example of a palindrome, you can mention Ramar.

Typical India episode: “The Voice In The Sky” –  Ramar and Professor Ogden along with Zahir are riding in their Jeep towards a village to give medical aid. With just a hundred miles to go the engien starts boiling. Zahir goes to a cabin on top of a hill where he’s captured by two men.

Ramar and Ogden, rifles in hand, make the save. But wait. Jeff Roper has the drop on them. It all gets explained and the three are back on their happy way. They stop in a village to put water into the Jeep. Along the way there’s stock footage of elephants, tigers, crocodiles and whatever else wandered in front of the camera.

In the village there are snake charmers and a man who eats glass. Ramar and Ogden go into a building and find a girl hiding in a closet. She’s Sabata and she’s scared. She says a voice in the sky called her and she’s afraid she’s done for. She freaks when she sees a native outside the window. Ramar and Ogden go after him. He got away. Back inside Sabata’s gone.

They go after her and find out it some kind of cult. Her mother is dead and her father tells her to get out before he’s killed. Ramar looks at the mother. She was done in by a poisoned dart from a blow gun. While they look at Mom, Pop gets a dart from outside and he’s done for.

A voice comes out of the sky. Sabata is carried off. Up on a high hill is Roper with a megaphone so big Rudy Vallee would be jealous. Turns out he’s selling girls to slave caravans. You don’t think for a minute that Ramar and Ogden are going to let this go on do you?

Jon Hall with his trusty rifle-Ray Montgomery and friend


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