Boston Blackie (1951-53)

Blackie (Kent Taylor), girlfriend Mary Wesley (Lois Collier) and their pooch Whitey solve crimes in L.A. before the cops can figure things out. Unlike the movie series, Inspector Farady (Frank Orth) and Blackie are pals. Boston Blackie’s real name is Horatio Black.

Typical episodes:”Deep Six” (November 14, 1952)  w/Lee Van Cleef, Clark Howard and Peter Mamakos.

Blackie and Mary are part of a pre wedding celebration at a waterfront cafe. George Mintner is going to marry singer Louella. She used to be George’s best friends’ girl. Part of the celebration are Captain Jansen (Lee Van Cleef) and Hayes the purser (Peter Mamakos).

George’s pal Skip wants to prove to him that Louella is no good and tells him to listen in at the dressing room door. Louella sees George’s reflection in the mirror and changes her dialogue. George and Skip get into a donnybrook.

George doesn’t know it but Hayes is in a plot with Louella and Lang (Clark Howard) to steal George’s bank account. Later that night George is discovered at the docks stabbed to death. Skip is the main suspect.

Blackie and Faraday are on the boat when it leaves to get some cargo. Faraday is seasick. Mary’s back at the cafe with Louella. When the boat docks Blackie has a chance to talk with Skip in the back of a police car. He goes back on board and things begin to unravel.

Lang is on board and holds Blackie at gunpoint while he searches for George’s stash. Hayes is there too. Blackie’s in a spot.

“Inside Crime” (December 19, 1952) w/a non speaking blink and you miss him appearance from Lee Van Cleef. Clark Howard and Peter Mamakos also have roles.An armored car company is robbed of a million bucks. Three crooks force a guard to help them then when they get outside the three crooks knock him out.

Jake The Hermit is walking by with his dog searching trash cans for some food. He sees the whole thing while hiding behind some cans. In the hospital the guard is pressured into confessing that he was the inside man by insurance investigator Hanlon (Clark Howard).

Blackie and Mary are in a resturant when Jake comes in looking for a free meal. He tells them he remembers the license number of the panel truck the crooks used. Faraday isn’t taking calls so Blackie goes to the station leaving Jake and Mary behind. They don’t know it but two of the crooks (Peter Mamakos and Lee Van Cleef) are at a nearby table listening in.

Jake tells Mary he can’t stay because he wants to feed his dog. The two get waylaid into an alley where one of the hoods, Lou (Lee Van Cleef) slugs Jake. Blackie gets a call from Mary to meet her. She was forced to by the crooks. Blackie shows up. Can he get out of this one and find out who the inside man is?

Taylor had an active career but nosedived into Z pics. Collier retired when the show was cancelled.

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