Space Mail Volume II-Edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg and Charles G.Waugh

Twenty-two stories from 1893, 1932,40,46,47,51,54,58,50,66,67,68,70,74,76,77,78,80,82. The stories are in the form of either memos, letters or diaries. That doesn’t mean they’re all short blurbs. Some of the letters etc. are short story size and longer.

Favorites: “Extracts From Adam’s Diary – Mark Twain (1893) – The Garden of Eden was in Niagara Falls. Adam’s diary reveals how he met Eve and also why he referred to Cain as Kangaroorum Adamiensis. There are also extracts from Eve’s diary about her dealings with the serpent and her efforts to stop Adam from having fun by constantly going over the Falls.

“First To Serve” (1954) – Algis Budrys – Efforts are made to build the perfect robot soldier. The inventors realize that the military won’t want what they asked for. Even the robot is confused.

“The People’s Choice” (1974) – William John Watkins – An ad man is given a challenge. Given unlimited funds, can he make a short, fat, ugly woman President of the United States. Throughout the campaign the candidate is never seen. The slogan is “Vote For The Candidate Nobody Knows.” Looks like it’s working.

“Polity And The Custom Of The Camiroi” (1967) -R.A.Lafferty – A group from Earth is trying to make sense out of the laws of Camiroi. Funny stuff.

“Primary Education Of The Camiroi” (1966) – R.A.Lafferty – Paul Piper and Miss Munch ask the Camiroi why they don’t have a PTA. The official says to arrest five citizens and they’ll be the group. The absurdity continues as the curriculum from kindergarten to high school is revealed. Courses include, First Jokes and Logic, Simple Obscenity, First Alcoholic Appreciation and Complex Hedonism. A laugh out loud story from the always original Lafferty.

“The Man From Not-Yet” (1968) – John Sladek – In 1762 a time traveler drops in on Dr.Samuel Johnson at his favorite pub. Johnson starts telling him about the future. He’s accurate. How can that be?

Other authors: Arsen Darnay, Will Stanton, John Collier, Joan D.Vinge, Anthony Boucher, Gerald Jones, Arthur C. Clarke, Sharon Webb, Paul J.Nahin, Al Sarrantonio, Barry N. Malzberg, Murray Leinster, L.Sprague de Camp and John W. Campbell, Jr.

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