Dennis The Menace (1959-63)

Hank Ketchum’s cartoon comes to life with Jay North playing Dennis Mitchell. Herbert Anderson is his father Henry and Gloria Henry is his mother Alice. Joseph Kearns is their suffering neighbor George Wilson. Sylvia Field is his wife Martha. Billy Booth is Dennis’ pal Tommy Anderson.

Typical episodes: “Dennis And The Swing” – Henry wants some peace and quiet so he can work. Alice shows him a picture of the day he proposed to her ten years ago. Dennis is impressed with the picture because Alice is sitting on a swing. Now he wants one.

He goes next door to Mr.Wilson’s and sees a rope attached to a bucket of dirt. He asks if he can have the rope. Mr.Wilson has him standing back while he lowers the bucket. Of course it spills all over him. At least Dennis gets his rope.

Now he and his friend Tommy have to get a piece of wood. The only place they can get it is at Margaret’s house. She makes them promise to come back in a few days to play house if they want the wood. Back home there’s one problem. How to get the rope across the tree branch.

The ice cream man parks his truck in the street with the motor running. He says he has to in order to keep the freezer working. He agrees to climb the tree. Inside Henry is going crazy with the noise. He goes outside and shuts the engine off. Back inside Alice reminds him of what day it is and he makes up a story about a dinner reservation.  When she leaves the room he sneaks over to the phone and makes a quick call to a restaurant to reserve a table.

Back outside the ice cream truck driver doesn’t hear his bells or his engine. Henry admits to turning it off. Now Henry has to store all the ice cream in his freezer. Back outside a cat Mr.Wilson is caring for is up the tree. Office Mooney is called in to get it. The cat scratches him and then he finds the truck in the street and puts a ticket on it. Henry has his problems as Alice finds out he only called the restaurant an hour ago when they call and cancel the reservation since Henry gave it to a waiter instead of the maitre d’.

Fianlly the swing is ready. Alice says she’ll try it to make sure it’s safe. Henry comes out. They’ve made up and now start reliving the past. Looks like Dennis won’t get to use his swing.

“Dennis And The Dog” – Dennis brings home a large dog he convinced the owner to let him watch for a few days. Henry finally decides to let him do it. It helps that the owner is now out of town. Mr.Wilson is trying to get a painting together for the annual art contest. Every year he comes in second or third. He’s determined to win.

Dennis brings the dog over. Of course it knocks the easel down. That night the dog is on the porch and starts howling because it’s lonely. Mr.Wilson wakes up and calls Henry to tell him to keep it quiet. Dennis is on the extension. Henry thinks he’s next door. The dog is finally allowd to sleep with Dennis.

The next day Dennis brings him back to the Wilson’s where his tail ruins Mr.Wilson’s painting and he throws it out. To make things worse, Dennis ties the dog to the rose trellis Mr.Wilson was trying to put on canvas. The dog pulls it down.

Now it’s the night of the contest. Mr.Wilson’s main competition comes in third. Mr.Wilson gets second. And the winner…… unknown artist. Dennis took the painting out of Mr.Wilson’s trash. Could those brush strokes have been made by a tail?

Jay North did some acting but went into voiceover work for various cartoon shows.

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