The Buster Keaton Show (1950)

A sketch show broadcast in the Los Angeles area and sponsored by Studebaker. Buster recreated a lot of his classic material in this live show. It can get tiring watching him work so hard. You can’t help but admire him.

Typical episode: Buster is a boxer training for a bout with Rocky Jones. In his small training area his manager (Peter Leeds) is talking with Rocky and in saunters Mabel. Of course she’s a knockout. She’s also Rocky’s girlfriend. She leaves and then everyone else but a trainer follow. Buster goes through a lot of physical comedy.

After a massage Buster is left to his own devices. He jumps rope, shoots baskets and never misses. The trainer is back and gives Buster some indian clubs to work out with. Once again, here comes Mabel. Buster accidentally knocks her silly and then her skirt comes off. In a clever bit Buster tries to put it back on her and eventually her top and the skirt change places.

A truck pulls up and two guys bring in a rowing machine. Buster uses it to row away. Now it’s time to sell the 1950 Studebaker.

Buster is now in the ring. That’s after a few tie ups in the ropes. Rocky keeps connecting and Buster just looks confused. This goes on for a while. Then Buster lands a good one. Then the truck is back with the rowing machine. Buster goes past it and hops onto the back of the truck as it drives away.

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