Whisper From The Stars-Jeff Sutton (1970)

It’s 2230. The government wants to eliminate a scientist because of his theories. He thinks unseen universes exist in the past, present and future. The key to them all is through the mind. This is a combination thriller/SF novel that goes from the Earth to the Moon. It’s a good but not essential read. It’s told via flashback.

Joel Blake is a reporter for the Solar Press. At a party he meets astrophysicist Ann Willett. He’s impressed. He tries to have an affair but she just wants to be friends. Blake’s editor Harvey Sinclaier assigns him to do a story on scientist Mark Randall. He’s a genius and has his own ideas about space and time. At six-five with red hair he’s hard to miss.

The interview goes well and gives Joel something to think about. He introduces him to Ann and they hit off. Mark is being watched by the government’s super secret Department L. As things move along Mark disappears and two agents call on Joel wanting to know everything they talked about.

They’re just checking to see if he’ll tell the truth. In this society everyone’s home, office, car etc. is bugged by the government. Joel goes to Chicago to visit a friend of Mark’s to see what he knows. He calls him and then goes to his house. Too late. He’s been murdered. His interview with Randall is printed with creative revisions.

Now Ann is gone and the agents put the pressure on Joel because they think he knows where they are. Joel overhears a conversation about a big redheaded man on the Moon who saved a group of miners lives. He has a good idea who it is and takes off for the Moon.

Once there he tracks him down. He finds out what’s going on and the last half of this short book moves along at a nice pace.

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