The Fox Woman & Other Stories-A.Merritt

Seven stories and two fragments of novels from 1917,18,19,26,34,46,48,49. The two fragments are notes found after Merritt’s death and run a couple pages. They were planned novels that he never finished.

Favorites: “The Fox Woman” (1946 novelette) – A real good fantasy story of a woman in rural China set upon by bandits. She’s saved by a fox that turns into a woman. She’s taken to see a priest much admired by her late husband. She’s pregnant and dies in childbirth. Her no good brother-in-law is angry that the child will now inherit the estate. He has plans to change that.

“The People Of the Pit” (1917) – One of those that belonged in Weird Tales or any similar publication. A dying explorer recounts his adventures in a lost city populated by bizarre slug like creatures. This is good old fashioned bizarre fun.

“The Last Poet And The Robots” (1934) – This may be Merritt’s only SF story. It’s the 30th century and a group of scientists live underground. They have little interest in what goes on on the surface. They finally decide to help out when the robots revolt.

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