Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Volume 1-Edited by August Derleth

Ten stories in the Lovecraft universe. Aside from Lovecraft there are stories by Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E.Howard, Frank Belknap Long, August Derleth, Henry Kuttner and J.Vernon Shea. The stories are from 1927,28,29,31,37,41,42,44.

Favorites: “The Return Of The Sorcerer” (1931) – Clark Ashton Smith – A man gets a call from John Cansby. He needs some translations done. He’s working on demonology and sorcerery. In his house are heard strange noises. Cansby says they’re rats. They’re worse….much worse.

“The Dweller In Darkness” (1945 novelette) – August Derleth – Strange things are happening at the deserted Rick’s Lake cabins in Wisconsin. A professor investigates using notes from the past. He disappears and his secretary and a friend go to the cabins to do some investigating of their own. Part of their aid comes from a book by H.P.Lovecraft. The two will soon wish they would have stayed home.

“The Salem Horror” (1937) – Henry Kuttner – A novelist is staying in the home of a witch who was burned at the stake hundreds of years ago. Occultists bother him about seeing the Witch Room. He only lets one in to look. He tries to convince the writer to get out of there. When the witch escapes from her grave he wishes he would have listened.

“The Haunter Of The Graveyard” (1969 novelette) – J. Vernon Shea- Elmer Harrod hosts a creature feature TV show. He comes out in various disguises and makes wise cracks about the old horror films. He discovers a secret passage in his gothic home that leads to a cemetery. He spends a lot of time there. At night he dons disguises and takes a flashlight with him so he can sit on gravestones and read horror stories. One night while he’s into H.P.Lovecraft…..


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