Occasional Wife (1966-67)

Michael Callan

A good group in a bad sitcom. Michal Callan is Peter Christopher. The ad firm he works for frowns on single people so he pretends to be married to Greta, played by Patricia Harty. Two floors seperate them in their building. If someone drops by to see them Peter has to run up the fire escape to the seventh floor to get Greta. Their neighbor on the sixth floor thinks it’s funny. Sports announcer Vin Scully does some narration.

Typical episode: “The Rivalry” w/Jack Riley and Stuart Margolin. Peter has to stay a step ahead of Wally (Jack Riley) the office kiss up. The boss, Mr.Brahams invites Wally and his wife Vera along with Peter and Greta to his cabin for some hunting and fishing.

Peter convinces Greta to go. That means she’ll have to break another date with her wimpy boyfriend Bernie (Stuart Margolin). At the cabin Vera and Wally constantly run interference every time Peter wants to present his ideas to Mr.Brahams.

Greta has to call Bernie and say she won’t be back in time. He finds out where she is and goes there. Inside the cabin everyone thinks there’s a prowler outside. Greta is in a room at the back and spots Bernie. He comes in the window and Peter walks in. Bernie is suspicious of who he really is. Greta originally told him that Peter is her brother.

Bernie leaves after some stupidity. Now Peter offers to go outside and deal with whoever is out there. Wally is to afraid to join him. The episode comes to a really dumb end.

Character actor Jack Riley appeared everywhere. He’s best known as Eliot Carlin on “The Bob Newhart Show” (1972-78).

Stuart Margolin is another character actor that is in great demand in movies and TV. His most famous role was on “The Rockford Files” as Angel (1974-79).

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