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Campbell Soundstage (1953-54)

Half hour anthology series that ran on Friday nights on NBC. “Something In An Empty Briefcase” – July 17, 1953. This was the second episode of the season and it is beyond awful. The writing is horrible and James Dean … Continue reading

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The Essential Preservation Hall Jazz Band 2 CD’s

This collection covers the band’s recordings from 1976-1992. The personnel changed a lot ever since it’s formation in 1961. All the muscians could trace their roots in New Orleans back to the 18th century. If you like Trad or want … Continue reading

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Alternating Currents-Frederik Pohl

Ten stories from 1949,54,55,56. Favorites: “Let The Ants Try” (1949) – Two scientists go way back in time and leave an ant colony behind. They return to the present to see how the experiment turns out.. This would have made … Continue reading

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World’s Best Science Fiction 1970- Edited by Donald A.Wollhein and Terry Carr

Thirteen stories from 1969. Favorites: “A Man Spekith” – Richard Wilson – The last man left is a disc jockey who is floating above the Earth. He has his records and turntable and plays everything from Swing to Rock. He’s … Continue reading

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Behind Locked Doors (Human Gorilla) (1948)

A few rewrites and maybe there would have been a┬ádecent B┬ámovie hiding in here. Richard Carlson is a P.I. who goes undercover into a sanitarium to find a crooked judge on the lam. Yes, Tor Johnson is one of the … Continue reading

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Catspaw Ordeal-Edward S.Aarons (1950) also published as by Ed Ronns

Another winner from Aarons. I’ve always liked his work from the Sam Durell series to his numerous stand alones. This one concerns a man caught up in murder…and that’s just the beginning of his troubles. Dan Archer lives in Southwich, … Continue reading

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Classic Jazz From Rare Piano Rolls-Fats Waller

Thirteen tracks from the 1923-29 that are essential to all Jazz collections. It also features a duet with his mentor James P.Johnson. Anyone researching keyboard greats can’t afford to miss this collection. Highlights include: “If I Could Be With You … Continue reading

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