Trap For Cinderella-Sebastion Japrisot (Jean-Baptiste Rossi) (1962)

The book won a major French crime award. It’s a psychological who am I? about a twenty year old rich girl burned in a fire who has amnesia.

Michele Isola has serious burns on her face and hands following a fire. She also has a head injury and she doesn’t remember who she is. Her childhood friend Do Loi died in the fire. The woman who looked after her for her aunt, Jeanne Murneau, takes care of her once she’s out of the hospital following extensive plastic surgery.

Michele’s friend Do was a bank teller. Maybe she’s actually Do who killed Michele so she could take her place. Jeanne convinced her she’s really Do and coaches her to act like Michele. Michele is due to come into a major inheritance when she turns twenty-one shortly and Jeanne thinks she can get her hands on some big bucks.

Flashbacks tell how Michele and Do got together again and ended up living together. The book proceeds as a guessing game. Just who is this girl? The murder method is revealed but doubt lingers as to who actually pulled it off.  A blackmailer doesn’t help things. There are a number of twists and turns and you’re never really sure who she is until the last page. It works on a suspense level but the girls are so shallow that, to me, it didn’t matter who was who, the murderer or the victim.

Sebastion Japrisot (Jean-Baptiste Rossi)


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