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The Floating Dutchman (1952)

Predictable crime movie where you can see every move coming. A Scotland Yard Inspector goes undercover to catch a jewel rackeeteer. Don’t waste your time. The body of a Dutchman is found floating in the river. Scotland Yard thinks it’s … Continue reading

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All Right, Everybody Off The Planet!-Bob Ottum (1972)

Very entertaining and very funny book about an alien assigned to come to Earth and get a job at Time magazine. It helps to know some of the trends and personalities of the day when this was written. Then even if you … Continue reading

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Let’s Misbehave 1926-1928-Irving Aaronson and His Commanders

Twenty-five tracks from one the 20’s most entertaining dance bands. They laced a lot of their tunes with humor but not too much to turn off music fans. All in all they were a fun group. The title track was … Continue reading

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Shower Of Stars (1954-58)

Anthology series hosted by Jack Benny and also William Lundigan. October 6, 1955 episode is an adaption of the play “Time Out For Ginger.” – Howard Carroll (Jack Benny) gives a speech at the high school. It’s not easy shutting him … Continue reading

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Complete Hit Of The Week Recordings Volume 1 2 CD’s

There are three volumes in all that gather those ten inch cardboard  one sided 78’s that first hit the scene in 1930. You could buy one a week at your favorite newsstand for fifteen cents. This first volume has forty-six … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Angry Mourner-Erle Stanley Gardner (1951)

Along with defending his client Perry knocks chips off shoulders and deflates pompous egotists for more courtroom fun. This case is in the small ski resort town of Bear Valley. A scream in the night and the sound of breaking glass. San … Continue reading

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White Pongo (1945)

The missing link between man and monkey is a white gorilla with low grade intelligence. Pongo is the African word for gorilla. Amazing what you can learn from the movies. Here we are in the Congo. A man being held prisoner … Continue reading

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The Detectives (1959-62)

Robert Taylor is Captain Matt Holbrook and Mark Goddard is Det.Sgt.Chris Ballard. No personal lives were explored as the show concentrated on the detective squad tracking down the bad guys. The show also starred Tige Andrews as Det.Johnny Russo. May 4,1962 … Continue reading

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1950’s Radio Broadcasts-Oscar “Papa” Celestin

Great album for Trad fans. Twenty-three tracks from the man who started out in 1910 and led the legendary Tuxedo Jazz Band. The tracks are from 1950-51. It’s total feel good time when you check out these seventy-seven minutes of pure … Continue reading

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The Night Shapes-James Blish (1962)

If you’re looking for the typical Blish SF novel….keep going. This is more of an African adventure in the Belgian Congo that takes place in 1906. It reads like a 1930’s jungle movie with dinosaurs. Kit Kennedy has lived in the Congo … Continue reading

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