The Detectives (1959-62)

Robert Taylor is Captain Matt Holbrook and Mark Goddard is Det.Sgt.Chris Ballard. No personal lives were explored as the show concentrated on the detective squad tracking down the bad guys. The show also starred Tige Andrews as Det.Johnny Russo.

May 4,1962 episode: “Strangers In The House” – w/Chris Robinson and a brief appearance by Adam West. Four prep school boys steal a car and run over the night watchman. They’re led by Grant (Chris Robinson) who warns them not to tell the cops or else he’ll take care of them.

Matt (Robert Taylor) tells Johnny Russo (Tige Andrews) and Chris Ballard (Mark Goddard) to go to the Wellington School and talk with Headmaster Dr.Harvey. He isn’t known for cooperating with the police when some of boys have pulled pranks. This time is no different.

Dr.Harvey calls Grant into the office. He threatens to expell him until Grant reminds him that his rich Daddy gave a nice endowment to the school. Dr.Harvey loses his temper and slaps him. Grant says he’ll get him for that. Dr.Harvey gets all apologetic and says he has to do something since he had him in the office. He assigns him one day of clerical work.

Back in his room Grant cuts letters out of newspapers and makes a ransom note for Frankie Piper. It’s for three thousand dollars. Grant always picks on Piper and figures he’ll be an easy mark. He mails the letter to Dr.Harvey.

Dr.Harvey is called in to see Matt about the stolen car and takes a real attitude. When he leaves Matt orders a mass interogation of the students Back at the school Grant tells Frankie the others want a meeting in an abandoned mine where they won’t be interupted.

Grant takes him into the mine and locks him in a room. He goes to his clerical work and opens the ransom note and makes sure Dr.Harvey gets in in his mail. Grant doesn’t say anything and Dr.Harvey asks him to go see if Frankie is in his room.

Grant then places an anonymous call to Dr.Harvey and tells him where to drop the ransom. As Dr.Harvey is leaving, Johnny and Chris come in. Dr.Harvey leaves. Grant gets Pete, one of the group, to substitute for him. Pete can’t stay quiet anymore and tells Johnny and Chris the whole story about the car. He doesn’t know about the kidnapping.

Dr.Harvey does as instructed and then returns. Johnny and Chris want to see Grant and Frankie but they’re nowhere to be found. Matt comes out to the school. At the mine Grant tells Frankie they could get fifty grand from Frankie’s father. Frankie says he’s not going to cooperate. It all comes to a sappy, unrealistic ending in a mediocore episode.

Tige Andrews ran “The Mod Squad” as Capt.Adam Greer (1968-73).

Mark Goddard played Major Don West in the beyond lame “Lost In Space” (1965-68).

Chris Robinson played Sgt.Sandy Komansky in “12 O’Clock High” (1965-67).

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