White Pongo (1945)

The missing link between man and monkey is a white gorilla with low grade intelligence. Pongo is the African word for gorilla. Amazing what you can learn from the movies.

Here we are in the Congo. A man being held prisoner by some natives escapes with the help of a man who the natives leave alone. Go figure. The man makes it back to civilization. He has jungle fever and babbles on about a white gorilla. That excites Sir Harry of the Royal Explorers and his pals. The ape was mentioned in a diary by an anthropologist. Time to mount an expedition.

A combination English-German group heads back to the village. Their number one native porter is named Mumbo Jumbo. At the village they meet the man who allowed the other to escape. He has maps and everything else they’ll need to get to the late anthropologists camp. Seems the poor guy was killed by the gorilla when it escaped.

Expedition members include Sir Harry’s secretary Clive Carswell, Sir Harry’s daughter Pamela and Bishop who is Pamela’s reluctant bodyguard. Clive is jealous of him since he thinks Pamela is his babe. Also along are Germans Hans Kroegert and Peter van Dorn.

They settle in and Pamela is having sweet dreams until she looks at the window. Looking back is the white gorilla. She screams. A trap has been sprung. It’s the wrong gorilla. They toss a ladder into the pit. The gorilla gets the idea and uses it to escape.

Pamela gets her best dress and jewelry on to excite Bishop. It works. Too bad Clive walked in. He demands Bishop take his filthy hands off Pamela. That gets him a sock on the jaw. Sir Harry isn’t happy.

Then he really gets upset when Hans Kroegert convinces Clive to come with him to a spot where he says there’s a gold mine that’ll make them richer than the Bank of England. Clive demands Pamela come along. Then he ties up Sir Harry, Bishop and company. Kroegert says he’ll leave a cache of guns and supplies for them at the river. It’ll be a two day walk.

Eventually Bishop unties himself and the others. Then he reveals who he really is. Meanwhile at the river Pamela gets upset when Kroegert refuses to leave any supplies. All this is being watched by the white gorilla.

This is cheezy jungle fun that makes little sense and includes the usual stock footage of animals and a bunch of guys in gorilla suits. The main one is Ray Corrigan who played a lot of gorillas in his movie career. He was also a much respected stuntman in a number of westerns.

The missing link

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