Shower Of Stars (1954-58)

Anthology series hosted by Jack Benny and also William Lundigan.

October 6, 1955 episode is an adaption of the play “Time Out For Ginger.” – Howard Carroll (Jack Benny) gives a speech at the high school. It’s not easy shutting him up. He tells everyone that they should be able to do what they want to do. That will come back to haunt him.

Howard works in a bank. His boss, Ed Hoffman (Edward Everett Horton) is upset by all the letters coming into the bank objecting to Howard’s speech. Then in walks W.J.Archer (Larry Keating). He wants to put a quarter million dollar loan through the bank because of the speech. Howard and Ed are happy about that…until they hear Archer’s idea. He wants to put a slew of vending machines around town that for a quarter will sell cocktails. When he leaves Howard and Ed aren’t so happy.

Also not happy is school principal Bob (John Hoyt). Part of Howard’s speech called for an end to girl’s gym. He doesn’t think it’s feminine. Howard has three daughters. One of them, Ginger (Janet Parker), wants to try out for the football team. She ends up on the cover of Life magazine.

Howard is thrilled that Ginger makes the team even if she’s only second string. Game time. Howard rushes home to tell his wife Agnes (Ruth Hussey) all about it. He gives a manic description of Ginger scoring a touchdown. Their housekeeper Lizzie (Mary Wickes) is also excited.

When she comes home Ginger is depressed. She’s not happy that the boys helped her score and that the opposing team was too busy laughing at her to tackle her. Down the stairs comes another daughter. She’s all decked out for her part in the school play. Ginger decides she wants to be a girl instead of trying to be equal with the boys.

Also in the cast playing boyfriends of the girls are Ronnie Burns and Gary Crosby. The opening says introducing Janet Parker. She never appeared in another TV show after this one.

“Time Out For Ginger” was a succsessful Broadway play in the 50’s but a failed TV pilot in 1962 with Candy Moore as Ginger.


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