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The Mike Wallace Interview:UFO’s Are Real- 3/8/58

Marine Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe is Mike’s guest. He thinks the governemnt is treating the citizens like children by covering up evidence of UFO’s. He cites numerous reports from the eary 50’s. Mike quotes a column from Bob Considine … Continue reading

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The Best Of Don Cherry-The Columbia And Monument Sides

One of the best selling pop singers of the 50’s who eventually decided the golf course was better than the recording studio. Twenty tracks in this collection that show off one of the finer voices of the era. Highlights include: … Continue reading

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The Panic-Stricken-Mitchell Wilson (1946)

Slow building story about a man caught up in murder and drugs. There’s some suspense but the excitement level is low. You have to believe that a veteran hit man would work for only seventy-five dollars to give this any … Continue reading

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The House Of Fear (1945)

Good fast paced entry in the Basil Rathbone-Nigel Bruce series. This is loosely based on Doyle’s story, “The Adventure Of The Five Orange Pips.” Not a wasted minute in this one. In Drearcliffe Manor in Scotland the seven members of the … Continue reading

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Prelude To Chaos-Edward Llewellyn (1983)

Third book in “The Douglas Convolution” series. The books do not have to be read in order. They take place in different times. This one is set in 2030. The first two are “The Douglas Convolution” (1979) and “The Bright Companion” (1980). This … Continue reading

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Hard To Find Pop Instrumentals I & II

For whatever reasons instrumentals from the 50’s and 60’s don’t get a lot of airplay on oldies shows and most wind up forgotten. A lot of times you’ll hear one and just can’t recall the artist or title. These two … Continue reading

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Stagecoach West (1960-61)

Before he was Trapper John, Wayne Rogers was Luke Perry. He ran a stagecoach line with his partner Simon Kane (Robert Bray) and Kane’s young son Davey (Richard Eyre). They run across all sorts of characters from dudes to killers. … Continue reading

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