The Beast Of Borneo (1934)

If your ideal jungle movie features a snake chasing a monkey and an Orang-Utan that sounds like a pro wrestler then you can’t afford to miss this one. Toss in a mad Russian scientist and you’re in for some movie fun.

Dr.Boris Borodoff (Eugene Sigaloff) wants to prove his theory of evolution. He and his lovely assistant Alma (Mae Stuart) head to Borneo to meet up with Robert Ward (John Preston). He captures animals for zoos and circuses. Borodoff says he wants to capture an Orang-Utan for a few tests.

Ward doesn’t want to take him if it involves vivisection. Boris says not to worry about it. They take off for the jungle. Along for the trek are natives Darmo and Nahnda. The money they’ll get will be just enough for them to get married. Rounding out the group is Joe the monkey.

After several weeks in the jungle Boris wants to quit. That makes the natives want to all leave too. Then it’s the call of the white peacock. The natives say that means good luck. Everyone stays. Boris digs Alma and he’s jealous of any attention she pays to Ward.

Say, what’s that noise? Is it the Crusher..maybe George “The Animal” Steele? Nope. They’ve got an Orang-Utan treed. To entice him to come down they lay out a fruit platter laced with five bottles of Gordon’s Gin.

The Orang finally comes down and they drop a net on him. Boris can’t wait to get at him. That’s when Ward finds out it’s vivisection after all. He goes to free the Orang when Boris pulls a gun on him. Ward gets it away and goes back to free the Orang. Boris brings him down with a club. Too late. The Orang escapes and carries Ward off with him.

Boris wants to leave but Alma wants to stay and find out if Ward is alive or dead. Boris says okay. Then he gets the idea to operate on Joe. Alma wants nothing to do with it. While Boris is smiling at his scalpels Joe frees himself and takes off. The chase is on.

This was Mae Stuarts’ only movie. She received top billing.

John Preston and Eugene Sigaloff only made a handful of movies. Considering their acting skills that was a handful too many.

The best actor in the whole thing, Joe the monkey, never made another film.


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