The Mike Wallace Interview:UFO’s Are Real- 3/8/58

Marine Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe is Mike’s guest. He thinks the governemnt is treating the citizens like children by covering up evidence of UFO’s. He cites numerous reports from the eary 50’s.

Mike quotes a column from Bob Considine saying people that report sightings are crackpots. Keyhoe cites Air Force personnel, airline pilots etc.

Keyhoe mentions four documents the Air Force doesn’t want revealed. Mike says the Air Force told him three of the documents don’t exist and the fourth offers no proof of UFO’s. Mike brings up the subject of two men who claimed they talked with aliens from Venus. Even Keyhoe isn’t buying that.

Keyhoe cites a censored script from the Armstrong Circle Theater that cut out references to reports on UFO’s.  As the interview goes on Keyhoe recalls a statement by General Douglas MacArthur that the next war will be an interplanetary one.

At the end of the interview Keyhoe says if there are alien bases on Mars how will they react when we start firing rockets at the planet. He says he asked for a Congressional hearing on UFO’s but was turned down. He says the problem is too much of a threat to ignore.

No matter what you think of UFO’s this is an interesting interview and well worth seeing.

Marine Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe


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