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I Want To Live! (1958)

If you’re looking for a great movie with a great performance don’t miss this one. Nominated for six Oscars with Susan Hayward winning Best Actress. She absolutely deserved it. It’s the story of the first woman executed in San Quentin’s … Continue reading


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The Lone Ranger (1949-57)

One of the most successful transitions from radio to TV. B movie actor Clayton Moore was The Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels, a Canadian Mohawk, played Tonto. The pilot episode set the back story. Six Texas Rangers were ambushed by … Continue reading

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Parlor Piano Solos From Rare Piano Rolls 1923-24-Fats Waller

Eleven rare tracks from Fats that belong in every collection. This is a perfect way to hear the beginnings of a legend. Highlights include: “Got To Cool My Doggies”, “Snake Hips” and “Last Go Round Blues.”

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The Dancing Men-Duncan Kyle (1985)

A squeaky clean Senator is set to become the Democratic candidate for President. His campaign manager has a campaign worker contact a geneologist to trace his ancestry. That’s when the trouble starts. John Leyden is a shoo in for the … Continue reading

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Tower Of London (1939)

Intrigue in the fifteenth century as Richard, Duke of Gloucester plots to take over the English throne. Basil Rathbone stars along with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Ian Hunter. It plays fast and loose with history but it’s only a movie … Continue reading

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The Time Twister-Emil Petaja (1968)

Petaja returns to his favorite theme…legends of ancient Finland involing the Klevala. The difference this time is the setting is the timber country of present day Western Montana. The town of Hellmouth looks like it’s in a time warp. That could … Continue reading

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Chicago Urban Blues 1923-1945

Twenty-five tracks to fill in any Blues collection. This is a real primer to those exploring some of the early Blues greats. Highlights include: “Sport Model Mama”-Sippie Wallace w/Richard M.Jones, “Feather Bed Blues”-Bumble Bee Slim, “My Stove’s In Good Condition”-Lil … Continue reading

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The Gabby Hayes Show (1950-54)

Gabby starts and ends each show with a tall tale about one of his uncles. The episodes of rip roarin’ western yarns featured a major star. They include Bob Steele, Buster Crabbe., Tex Ritter, Hoot Gibson and Lash LaRue. “Alarm … Continue reading

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Before Radio-Comedy, Drama & Sound Sketches, 1897-1923

Twenty-seven tracks of history. This is one of the most interesting collections out there and there’s nothing like hearing bygone eras come to life. Highlights include: “New Years At Old Trinity”-Haydn Quartet, “Zeb Green’s Airship”-Ada Jones & Len Spencer, “A … Continue reading

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Hot Dam-Neil MacNeil (Willis Todhunter Ballad) (1960) (Tony Costaine-Bert McCall Series)

Fourth book in the seven book series about P.I.’s  Tony Constaine and Bert McCall. The first was 1958’s “Death Takes an Option” and the last was 1966’s “The Spy Catcher.” They charge high rates and both were formerly with the FBI … Continue reading

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