The Popsicle Parade Of Stars (1949-50)

Save those wrappers kids

A fifteen minute show aimed mostly at kids and featuring some of the eras biggest stars.

June 12, 1950 episode w/Fanny Brice – Fanny plays Baby Snooks. She’s out on the town with Daddy. She’s been eating everything in sight and now wants a huge chocolate rabbit she sees in a window. They go inside and it turns into a popsicle commercial. Save three wrappers, send them in along with a dime and you’ll get a ring whistle.

The next stop is the art museum. Snooks is amazed that Venus doesn’t have any clothes. Then she thinks The Missing Link is her Uncle Louie. The bit ends with Daddy explaining the painting “Circus Maximus” that depicts the Roman arena. That’s it. Show’s over.

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