Kiss The Blood Off My Hands (1948)

Good one about a WWII soldier who spent two years in a prison camp and messed up his mind. He can’t keep his temper and that leads to a lot of trouble.

Bill Sanders (Burt Lancaster) is in an English pub. It’s closing time. He’ s drunk and the bar owner goes to show him the door. Sanders slugs him. He’s dead. He runs out and the police try and catch him but he goes through a window into the bedroom of Jane Wharton (Joan Fontaine). Pub patron Harry Carter (Robert “Long John Silver” Newton) was a witness.

Jane lives by herself and let’s him stay the night. He told her what happened at the pub but says he was a witness. The next morning she has to get to the medical clinic where she works. Sanders mugs a paserby for some cash and a ration book. He buys a suit and gets a cheap room.

He waits outside the clinic for Jane. She doesn’t like him following her but eventually gives in. One day at the race track Jane’s horse comes in. She goes to collect her winnings and Harry shows up. He just wants Sanders to know that he can catch up to him.

Later on a train there’s Harry again. In Bill and Jane’s compartment is a card sharp. He catches on that Bill knows what he’s doing and refuses to gamble with him. Bill slugs him and runs off the train and assaults a Bobby. Jane’s had it with him. That gets him six months in prison.

When he gets out he goes to a pub and once again, there’s Harry. After that meeting Bill looks up Jane and they start over. She gets him a job driving a lorry at the clinic. Once again, here comes Harry. He wants Bill to allow Harry and some friends to hijack a shipment of drugs. Bill needs the money and reluctantly agrees.

That rainy night he gets in the lorry and there’s Jane in the passenger seat. She’s staying there. Bill stops a ways from the meeting point and goes back to tell Harry it’s all off. When Harry and his pals object, Bill drives them off.

The next night Bill goes looking for Harry. Harry stops by Jane’s room and tells her everything about Bill.

The acting is top notch, especially Newton. See this one.

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