The Great Brain Robbery-James P.Fisher (1970)

The kind of book you read in a waiting room hoping the train will come soon. When you’re done you wonder if it would have been a better idea just to stare at the wall.

Dennis Sands is a junior at Berkeley. He’s bored. In his psychology class a Dr.Reynolds is testing everyone. Dennis has had a recurring nightmare as long as he can remember so he goes for the testing. Reynolds says there wouldn’t be any discomfort. That’s what he thinks.

Afterwards Dennis is walking down the hall and hears the department head talking with his instructor. Dr.Reynolds is a phony. Dennis encounters Reynolds again. He’s waiting in Dennis’ apartment. Turns out his real name is Cynnax and he’s from the planet Ikonia.

Dennis is one of twenty-two people on Earth who has a force within that can save Ikonia. Dennis agrees to go to the planet. He adjusts some equipment Cynnax left for him and he’s off. He sees a group of twenty-two and hooks up with Jim from Chicago who is with a knockout babe from England named Pam. Dennis pairs off with a timid girl named Cindy from Burlington, New York.

He finds out from Jim that all is not as it seems. When they’re through with the humans they’ll be disposed off. He grabs Cindy and tries to escape. Cindy and Jim fall into a deep abyss. Dennis ends up with another group of aliens. They’re from Orkeigu.

Orkeigu and Ikonia occupy the same space. Orkeigu is in another dimension. The two races are enemies. The canine looking Orkeiguians are the good guys. The want Dennis to get a crystal from Ikonia for them and he’ll be able to rescue Cindy. Just so happens she didn’t die, she’s in suspended animation.

Dennis is on his way back to Ikonia. This time he has a serum that will make him invisible thanks to his new Orkeignu pals. Now the book turns into an action cartoon with one ridiculous thing after another. The book is short and goes down fast. However short a time it takes to read it they’re all wasted minutes. It’s bad….real bad…..laughingly bad.

Years ago I bought a grab bag of books from a dealer going out of business. This was in there. That’s what happens when you take a chance.


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