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Chesterfield Sound Off Time (1951-52)

Half-hour comedy-variety show that couldn’t get off the ground despite the star power of Fred Allen and Bob Hope as alternating hosts. January 6,1952 episode: A chorus sings the glories of Chesterfield cigarettes and then brings on Fred Allen. Fred … Continue reading

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Secret Songs For Young Lovers-Andre Previn (1959)

The album that spawned the big hit “Like Young.” This is one of the last Jazz like albums from Previn before he switched to conducting Classical music. Twelve tracks all light Jazz with strings conducted by David Rose. All songs … Continue reading

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The Goblin Reservation-Clifford D.Simak (1968)

Good SF from Simak with a mystery about a two hundred million year old Artifact and how a man can arrive back on Earth before himself and end up dead while his second self can’t explain any of it. This … Continue reading

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Lake Of The Dead (De Dodes Tjern) (1958)

Mistakenly billed as a horror movie. It’s actually a mystery with occult elements. It probably had more impact in 1958. It’s not a bad movie and the Norwegian cast is okay. It does feature a good soundtrack from Gunnar Sonstevold. … Continue reading

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Down I Go-Ben Kerr (William Ard) (1955)

Bay City is a crooked town. An honest cop is railroaded into prison. Now he’s back. Lt.Lou Bantle was set up by Detective Charlie Josephs on false arrest charges. Charlie had Lili Julien and an out of town bum set … Continue reading

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Dream Lovers-Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy

Twenty-two tracks with each vocalist taking eleven tracks each. No duets in this collection so you get a chance to hear them on their own. Highlights include: “Soldier Of Fortune”, “Stout Hearted Men”, “Lover Come Back To Me” and “Summer … Continue reading

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Owen Marshall:Counselor At Law (1971-74)

Show that tries to be relevant to the times with a lot of topical references in an effort to prove that it’s “Hip” and knows what’s going on. Arthur Hill is California lawyer Owen Marshall. Lee Majors is one of … Continue reading

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