Sheena Queen Of The Jungle (1955-56)

Irish McCalla as Sheena

Sex symbol Irish McCalla dons the leopard skin and swings through the trees of Kenya. She has a chimp named Chim that is her pal. She speaks pedantic English and thanks to a custom made horn has a weak Tarzan like call but the animals react anyway. She knows her way around and is the natives friend. Chris Drake plays her friend Bob Rayburn.

“Forbidden Land” – A film company wants to make a movie featuring some local natives. They try and discourage the company by firing poison darts into their camp. Time for Sheena to do some negotiating.

The company is led by Philip Sargent. His son was killed a year ago in an elephant stampede. His daughter-in-law Myra has the hots for Charles Kevin. She tells him Philip wouldn’t be too happy if they got married so soon.

Sheena says the natives gave their okay for the three to proceed. Their one condition is that no one carries a gun. Myra slips a pistol into Kevin’s pack. Philip is happily filming the cooperative natives. When he goes to the river to get some hippos on film Kevin kills him with a poison dart he stole.

Kevin and Myra take Philip’s ring and watch and stash it in a native’s hut. The native is blamed for the murder. He’s tied to the stake and is ready to undergo the trial of fire. Rayburn looks for Kevin and finds him. Kevin can’t hide the gun. They brawl as Rayburn realizes Kevin framed the native. Before taking off Kevin shoots Rayburn.

Kevin holds Rayburn at gunpoint and he and Myra get out of there. The natives are upset about the broken promise about the gun. They toss Rayburn in a hut then they tie up Sheena and toss her in another hut. Will Sheena ever swing again?

“The Leopard Men” – George Carver is working a uranium claim. One of his native workers is frightened by a leopard man and runs off. The leopard man chases him and kills him.

Bob is acting as guide for Mark Heifer. He says he’s after ore They come upon the scene and Mark tries to kill Sheena. The leopard skin she wears makes him think she’s the killer. Bob explains that the leopard men were a group of killers that started a hundred years ago.

The local natives are scared of them and plan to leave the area. Bob convinces them to stay and defend their land. Turns out that Mark is after Carver’s claim. He says he didn’t register it properly. He takes Bob and Sheena as hostages. He’s the one that brought the leopard men to the area to scare away the natives.

Carver leads a group of his workers to the camp. Chim unties Sheena and the fight is on. Mark gets away and Sheena chases or swings after him. Bob and Carver try and catch up with Mark. Can Sheena save the day?


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