Owen Marshall:Counselor At Law (1971-74)

Arthur Hill-Lee Majors

Show that tries to be relevant to the times with a lot of topical references in an effort to prove that it’s “Hip” and knows what’s going on. Arthur Hill is California lawyer Owen Marshall. Lee Majors is one of his assistants, Jess Brandon.

November 9,1972 episode: “Love Child” w/Patty Duke, David “Hutch” Soul and Leif Erickson – A VW Beetle with flowers on it pulls up. Inside is the very pregnant Lois Burke (Patty Duke). She’s looking for Doug Kendall (David Soul). He’s at his rich father Matt’s (Leif Erickson) house. Also there are Owen along with Doug’s fiancee Jennie.Matt makes some references to Doug’s former long hair and facial stuff when he came back from Berkeley. There’s hope for the boy as the hair is cut and he’s an insurance agent. Yes, this show is so hip.

Doug gets a phone call. It’s the hospital. He’s a father. No joke. The baby belongs to Doug and Lois. Lois doesn’t want the baby, just Doug. She tells Owen that but says she’ll deny it if anyone asks. Doug and Jennie are willing to raise the child. Lois is playing hardball. She goes to an adoption agency. In the hospital she pulls a stunt in front of Owen saying how much she wants her baby.

She asks Matt to come to her motel room. He shows up with a check. She tears it up. Then she throws a guitar at him, rips her clothes and yells for help. All young women in TV shows of the day were required to have a guitar. Matt is arrested for assault. Jess is doing research to try and dig up some dirt on Lois for the custody hearing.

Time for the hearing. Owen knows he has to break her down. He’s not happy about it but that’s his job. Like all TV lawyer’s he has some tricks up his sleeve.

The only reason for suffering through this episode is Patty Duke’s performance. She rises above the lame material and plays her part to the hilt.


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