Lake Of The Dead (De Dodes Tjern) (1958)

The cast

Mistakenly billed as a horror movie. It’s actually a mystery with occult elements. It probably had more impact in 1958. It’s not a bad movie and the Norwegian cast is okay. It does feature a good soundtrack from Gunnar Sonstevold.

It starts with Bernhard reading his detective novel to his wife Sonja.

Six friends take a train to get to an isolated area that leads to a cabin. The local constable has arranged to meet them there. Lillian’s brother Bjorn was living there but he’s missing. That night Constable Braten tells them the local legend.

The cabin’s original owner, Tore Gravik, lived there with his sister. He was too fond of her. She eventually got married and she and her husband moved in. One night Gravik killed them with an ax and tossed their bodies in the lake. A few days later he committed suicide by going into the lake. It’s bottomless and no bodies were ever found. It’s said you can hear screams coming from there and Gravik haunts the place.

By the water Bjorn’s dog is found shot to death and the only trace of Bjorn is his cap.

Lillian is starting to feel strange and the others are getting edgy. Bugge is a psychiatrist and hypnotist and is trying to keep everyone grounded. Bernhard finds a note with an account of a strange dream. Bugge says it was from one of his patients. He finds Bjorn’s diary and reads some excerpts to Bernhard.

Bjorn is haunted by nightmares. He sees a one legged crow on the roof and then goes to the lake where he sees the ghost of Gravik come out of the water. The ghost follows him back to the cabin.

Now there’s talk of demons, ghosts, possession etc. Lillian sleepwalks to the lake and jumps in. When she comes out of it she doesn’t remember anything. Later her fiancee goes to the lake and drowns.

Bugge thinks he has it all figured out. The resolution has been done several times over the years but it was probably different for the time. This is not a great movie but worth seeing as a curiosity piece.

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