Chesterfield Sound Off Time (1951-52)

Fred Allen

Half-hour comedy-variety show that couldn’t get off the ground despite the star power of Fred Allen and Bob Hope as alternating hosts.

January 6,1952 episode: A chorus sings the glories of Chesterfield cigarettes and then brings on Fred Allen. Fred does an opening monologue about getting applause and horror shows. Not funny.

Now it’s Sound Off News which starts with a Chesterfield commercial. This is followed by short bits based on news items. Again…not funny. There’s a long bit about presidential candidate Mervin McGee sponsored by Mother’s Bread. Mother comes out and again, a too long unfunny bit. Now a few words from Mervin. Bit finally ends. More news items. The humor is still missing.

The bit also involves TV detective shows. There are bodies laying around from different shows. The remaining body comes to life. It’s Dave Garroway.He plugs his brand new show called  “Today.” End of Sound Off News. Chesterfield commercial.

Fred comes back with a bit about panel shows. The bit is “The Sound Off Forum.” Incredibly boring as Fred interviews the three panel members, a businessman, a teacher and a Deli owner. It lands with a loud thud. Fred mercifully closes the show.

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